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Tom Meadows with a Scaglietti bodied fuel injected 1959 Corvette, one of three built. This car was originaly restored by Vintage Racing Service in Van Nuys when Tom worked there in 1989.

Servicing the Vintage Motorsports

       community since 1973.

A properly done restoration can be one of the most rewarding projects you will ever undertake. Whether the rewards come in  the form of vintage racing, club rallies, concours presentation or receiving top dollar from an auction, the quality of the restoration will be the dominant factor governing your ultimate rewards from the project.

A typical restoration will involve at the minimum, services from the  following types of automotive facilities:

- Machine shop

- Body shop

- Paint shop

- Chrome shop

- Specialized cleaning services

- Precision welding services

- Bulk media blasting

- Electrical repairs shops

- Radiator and fuel tank repair shops

- Engine rebuilding shop

- Dynamometer services

- Vehicle transporters

Each of these business speaks its own language, and by no means are they all created equal. Sometimes it takes an experienced professional to provide the best level of communication with these businesses, in addition to co-coordinating, scheduling and tracking the material flow from business to business.

 Even if you choose to do the work out of your own shop or home, setting up your personal restoration center can always benefit from professional advice.

With over forty years in the Industry,
Marelli Service offers the depth of experience and technical knowledge necessary to consult on the restoration process from beginning to completion.

      Please feel free to contact the shop regarding any planning needs you have for  a current or future restoration.