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Pre-Purchase Evaluations

The pre-purchase evaluation is the most critical part of the purchase of any vintage car. Knowing precisely what you are buying in advance gives you the assurance that you are making a good decision and eliminates the chance of buyer's remorse which, if you have ever experienced it, is something to avoid.

With the mounting costs for a full engine overhaul and the sharp increase in the cost of proper paint work in the last few years, identifying problem areas before the purchase allows you factor in the costs of needed repairs into the project, and in most cases to negotiate a better purchase price.  

The ideal situation is to have  adequate time to fully evaluate a vehicle before a purchase, but with the increase in auction sales, and the limited time for pre-auction inspections, a professional eye becomes even more important.

The articles below, written for the Ferrari Market Letter, detail a  pre-purchase evaluation as offered through
Marelli Service, whether the purchase is being done through a typical e-bay or similar listing, or through an auction house offering.

International  travel is an available option  if required, and if a physical inspection is not a practical option, as is often the case, detailed phone or written consultations are offered.

Please feel free to contact the shop to discuss in detail your current or future needs for any vintage car purchase.

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Ferrari Market Letter articles on Pre-Purchase Evaluations.