Marelli Service is in no way formally or legally affiliated with Ferrari S.P.A.  or the Magneti Marelli  Corporation.  Despite this, we still like them a lot and will continue to service their products.

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I check my e-mail twice an hour during an average workday and usually respond promptly to questions  about work in progress or new work requests. Please include your phone number with your e-mail
If you do not hear from me within 24 hours it is safe to assume that your e-mail has disappeared into cyberspace.  Please re-send the e-mail or give me a call as my answering machine is quite reliable.


 Marelli Service is located on the Central coast of California in the seaside community of Los Osos. Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Los Osos is just two miles from the portion of Highway One that runs from Morro Bay, up through Big Sur and on in through to the  Monterey area . This is one of the most challenging and finest stretches of driving road in the world and part of what makes life on the Coast of California so attractive.

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